Real Estate Services


Searching for the right property for you is our main responsibility and we take it seriously. We will work with you to understand your needs, requests, and personal lifestyle and diversify our strategy to capture the ideal solution. Our communication is comprehensive and transparent, we will cooperate with you to make the right selection and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

Our Group of companies leads the Real Estate market in Greece - based on a solid network that takes care of the details - able to guarantee you the most professional property management service.


Our Main Services Include:

- Mediation for renting, purchasing, or selling holiday villas, shops and land

- Design and development as well as exploitation of touristic areas

- Assessment and management of real estate

- Merges and acquisitions of tourism businesses and hotels


Property Management

With Revithis & Partners, you get more than property management; you get a complete real estate solution. Property management goes far beyond property performance. We will make your goals our own and develop a deep understanding of your vision for every asset.

Our services are designed to bring value for money, providing efficiency and economy. We continually look at ways to improve the quality of services, reduce cost, and pass these benefits to our clients.

Construction Management

Revithis & Partners offer professional construction management services that match the size of any given project.

Innovative development, avant-garde architectural designs and eco-friendly materials have been integrated in our construction process giving a new style into buildings. We provide construction services that enable our clients to achieve the best value and security on their investment, while constructing their dream property in Greece.

Renovation Management

Among our extensive range of services in real estate, Revithis & Partners also offer Renovation Services.

Projects of any scale are executed by our experienced team, able to deliver services such as Renovation and Interior Design of existing buildings, Planning Permits, Architectural design and many more. Renovation upgrades the value of your property so that it can be sold for a higher price than its current estimated value (renovating to sell).


Agency & Brokerage Services

Revithis Real Estate offers Agency and Brokerage services from landlords and occupiers, institutional or corporate investors and developers to local or central government authorities.

Our agency and brokerage specialists provide acquisition & space sourcing, transaction negotiation & execution services, sales & lease marketing as well as lease administration & audit. We actively support relocation management, fit-out projects as well as facility management procurement exercises.


Property Market Research

The Market Research Department of Revithis & Partners is closely monitoring the property market, keeping in touch with the prevailing conditions and identifying trends.

Findings are regularly depicted in each periodically published comprehensive report, which constitute a reliable source of information on the major industry sectors. Furthermore, it conducts specialized market research for individual customers.

Valuation & Advisory Services

We offer dynamic, well-researched real estate appraisal related services for a variety of property types.

Our Valuation professionals are widely recognized for providing the most sophisticated advice on the current and projected value of real estate and real estate-related investments. Our comprehensive and informative advice is relied upon by investors, lenders and occupiers alike, while helping sellers determine the value of their property and protect their investment.



Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry generates hundreds of billions in economic activity, and tremendous opportunities for the countries that manufacture and export clean energy technologies.

The past few years we saw an extreme rise in the installation of solar panels in Greece due to the largest amount of sunlight that exists in the country. Our company has actively entered into licensing transactions or finished solar and wind energy parks of any dynamic with reliability and efficiency.

Residence Permits & Visas

The Immigration and Social Integration Code gives the possibility of granting residence permits to foreign investors and the members of their families, who proceed to the purchase of real estate property in Greece, when value exceeds 250,000 Euro.

We are dedicated to providing superb customer service and personal attention to your Permit and Visa expediting needs. We will help you in every step of the process, from collecting all the necessary documents to advise you for your Visa submission.


Villa Photography Services

To capture a property's unique beauty, it is important that your photos are not only vibrant, but they can accurately reflect the experience your guests can look forward to in your home.

Professional property photography is one of the most important investments you can make. Whether it is interior, exterior, or aerial photo shoots that you wish for, our team is experienced and equipped with all latest technology to make your property shine.