Luxurious spaces all around Greece


Revithis Real Estate, member of the Revithis & Partners group of companies, provides specialized consulting services in the field of Real Estate. The company was founded in 1989 by John Revithis - The President of the Association of Realtors in Greece (OMASE) and the Association of Realtors of Athens (MAS) - and manages an extensive real estate portfolio consisting of selected properties such as residential, commercial and land properties throughout Greece.

Our Selection


Even though we hand-pick all of our listings ourselves, there are some that really stand out as being a little bit extra special. If anything catches your attention try getting in contact with our team.


Villa Alimos

Very bright new built 600sqm house at the highest point of Pani hill in Alimos, with an outdoor pool and large openings, offering a unique and unobstructed view of the Southern suburbs.


Historic Plaka

Historic preserved building (1840) of unique architecture, with a total surface of 950sqm in Plaka providing a stunning view of the Acropolis and the Athenian city centre.


Villa Vouliagmeni

In an idyllic location in Vouliagmeni, this luxury villa is specially designed in a minimalist style with the latest furnishing trends, decoration and innovative systems to offer many special moments.

Maisonette Voula

Luxurious, minimal maisonette with great interiors and unique design. Equipped with all latest amenities and automation systems it promises a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


Residence Keratea

Nested between rich vegetation, this 5-bedroom residence is an ideal match for nature lovers, but also for those who prefer a bohemian style and wish to live by the sea.

Villa Poros

Unique villa located in the most magical spot of Poros on a blooming hill with a magnificent sea view. This villa highlights the classic style of the region and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere.